📌”Authenticity is freedom and this is my freedom zone”

Slaves of the money💸📥

And they became a slave to the money..Faking their own existence, huh; Funny!They became more needy and greedy!More than enough, these wicked had,But the idea of more, satisfied their head.No  problem with the amount of money but the bullshit that they share,It would be better in another way to dare..I don’t see humans, all I … Continue reading “Slaves of the money💸📥”

Keep moving!

When things don’t go as planned,When they take too long,When you feel stuck!That’s the biggest blessing!But to recieve the blessing, you have to keep going even if you don’t see what’s behind your efforts. Have faith that everything you deserve will come. GOD is building a door for you, that nobody can even move, nevertheless … Continue reading “Keep moving!”

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