Depressive people🥺🙃

Depressive people everywhere

I know that…

suicide for you isn’t a dare

Because in your mind, no one care

And that inferiority you just can’t bare

“It takes more courage to live, than to die”

In your mind this should lie…

Tonight place your hand at your heart and say:”I have the power to feel alright”…..💎🥀

Our platonic connection….

In this paranormal life section

I smile because of our platonic connection

You are extremely far away

But with me everyday

You are in “the lands of the Dead”

But I can feel you holding my hand

I can also feel you breathing near my bed

Calm like the air you come and go

Without letting me to say “hello”

You made me such a paranoiac

that even now

I see visions of you like a sick maniac….🥀💎

Get out of my headdddd😨☯️👁

There are little demons fighting inside my head

I don’t wanna get out of my bed…..

But the headache wouldn’t let me fall asleep because

“Mental hell” inside me is burning deep🌬🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Disconnected from the reality

I wish for a gun to shot out

this insanity……

Infected reality🌍✡👁🌌

Superstition by “others” was invented

Now in your sub conscience is planted

It makes you feel in deep agony

Without doubting the true reality

In a paranoiac search for “the truth”

Manipulators will show no ruth…

The devils will come in a smart way

To be with you every night and day

And then you will never know

How to get out from this paranormal flow

They will give you all kind of fancy drugs

To make your brain feel like full of bugs

And “the level of focusing ” will fall in a deep deep sleep……..🥀💎

🔊A message for all Beautiful Souls🎐🌌🗽yes u r one of them😊

Free your mind today

In this moment run away(*mentally)

Forget the guilt and the anxiety

And start building your perfect fantasy

Show Gratitude and respect

To everything that gives an impact

Smile even if the reasons are rare

Because someone is praying for your smile out there…

“And the fact that I don’t know ya doesn’t mean that I don’t care…🌍

Too heavy🧨💣🎐

The air is too heavy to breathe that even

the nose says:”I don’t wanna do this” underneath

The eyes are too heavy to see

a solution for this dark misory

The mind is too heavy to think ..

Like it’s all filled with permanent ink

The bones are too heavy to make you stand ,

Like you are in a cursed land

The blood is too heavy to flow

But in it’s places it will go

The feelings are too heavy

to let them go

Without looking like you’re

Making a drama queen show

Sick from this…..⚠️☯️♻️

Sometimes with the worst feelings you can write the best lines and with the good feelings you seem to be without any lines ….Why???


we want the joy to be felt and

the sadness in the lines to be melt

Maybe because we want to share

for those struggling out there

Maybe because we want to express

In “artistic escape” all this stress

Maybe because pain gives us guts

To write like persecuated nuts

Maybe ….because

joy makes us a little bit weak

and the

urge to write vanish a little bit quick

Maybe, being all alone in this “grey inner world Zone” is God’s way to say:

Only on me you should hold on

Don’t ask for others mental and spiritual company

because I can light every part of your mental and spiritual galaxy…”🥀