I’m introvert,but not shy

I’m honest ,but I lie

I’m not perfect ,but I try

I’m cold ,but I care⛄

I’m dark,but I have light

To help You during the night

I’m modest,but no doubts 4 my values

Into this life contest

I’m not a saint,but I need to help you

Before it’s too late⌛

Now I’m tired and angry….😧😠

I’m tired with the braggers and angry with..

Your inferiority ,about your infected personality🙍

💭📌”Stop drifting your mind,killing your hopes ,trusting liars

And start relaxing your mind,praying for your hopes,trusting your inner voice”💭📌

With a pen and a paper 📝

I write to be felt now or later….

“Politics in my young eyes”👀

Full of sh*t and full of lies

In everyone her effect applies

Look with my young eyes

And try to realise, that the power for change

In you and me lies…

Don’t let her take your money

And then feed you with fake honey

That’s just a distraction from

The “Freedom satisfaction”

She’s giving you trash

And she’s transforming your ideals into ash

MOTHER POLITICS,for you there’s more to say

But for now just throw some of your

negative side away😈