“Her own chaos”

She freed herself from the opinion of others

And now nothing for her bothers

She’s flying deep inside her mind

She looks arrogant but she’s kind….

But for her this is just a phase

Until she goes out of rage

About being locked in a cage

She’s unstable

You can’t lable

You can describe her today

Tomorrow you will see her in a different way….

Never commit suicide😰

Never commit suicide, because suicide just transfers the pain to someone that loves you…

And there are people that love you, even if you don’t believe it.I swear to God that there are…With all my heart, I know that there are…💎

Don’t try to make them feel guilty, about your lost.

Of course that they will feel guilty, but you will kill them so deep, that nothing would bring them back again ➡️them and you

Don’t do something that you can’t reverse …

You are really important and never commit suicide, because one day you can be a motivation to someone

And even if you have changed just one person’s life, you are a precious human being that deserves the best from the best

Don’t kill yourself,don’t kill your hopes ,don’t kill your smile because the storm will pass and you will be a totally badass😅

➡️So be the light that saves itself from the dark 🌺🌌

I know that you may have read a lot of writings about suicide and still you may feel pointless to hold on but please let’s be strong together

“Give me force when I wanna scream and jump from the fifth floor of my house.

Give me force when I find peace with my image down the fifth floor covered in blood and broken in peaces….”

Let’s do this together…

Let’s support each other by sharing what really hurt us without thinking “No one will understand this absurdity”

Because there are people dealing with the same things as you ……Just lets give it a try together…🥀💎

I’m done!!!!!

I’m done sharing what kind of music I like

I’m done sharing what kind of writing I write

I’m done sharing my opinion about life

I’m done sharing what I like and don’t like

But don’t you think that I’ll kill my soul for you

No,no way!

I’ll just kill my soul when I am with you

And now you think I’m too misterious like I hide something..

Like there’s more behind that smile…

How bad for you! Now you are full of doubts, feeling more good to fantasize than to ask.

But now my dear friend that’s your problem

Because now I’m calm because I know that I don’t own anything to anyone

So I’m done…


He is insecure, that’s why

He looks arrogant

He is hurt ,that’s why

He looks cold

He is lost, that’s why

He looks ungrateful

He is healing, that’s why

He looks odd

He is happy, that’s why

He looks good

He is reborn ,that’s why

His eyes shine…..