You reach a grand level of freedom when you accept that you don’t own an explanation to no one, regardless to their misunderstandings towards you……

Because they were beautiful soul waves🌃

They made it cool to be “black”
They made it cool to be “country”
They made it cool to be “poor”
They made it cool to be “misfit:
They made it cool to be “without age”
They made it cool to be “misunderstood”
They made it cool to be “weak”
They made it cool to be “alone”
They made it cool to be just “humans”
They made it cool to be theirselves, in a way that made  others crave their soul waves.
They made their judgements their beautiful features, because they accepted themselves the way they were…

For my friend💎

She has a fragile heart
But won’t let anyone tore her apart

Because the girl knows how to fight
And she doesn’t need a brave knight

She’s my rare friend
From her own magical land

She is beautiful,funny, smart and kind
And all of them is hard to find

Even when she gets old
Her soul will still be gorgeous gold

What is Artificial Intelligence and how it differs between competitors like Google,Apple and Amazon?

Artificial intelligence is an area of computer science that focuses on the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. They are highly able to complete different tasks such as: speech recognition,learning,planning and problem solving.But certain tasks are more difficult to be fully achieved by science such as:knowledge,reasoning,perception,learning,planning and the ability to manipulate and move objects. In order to have a better understanding of how AI approaches human intelligence, we must know more about it’s applications listed below.
1.Machine Learning is an application of AI,that provides the ability to learn and improve from experience.ML emphasize the development of computer programs that can access data and can make predictions.But it’s applications goes beyond predictions,because it is being applied in science industries to diagnose diseases,accelarate drug development and to interpret medical images.
2.Deep Learning is a subset of Machine learning ,that can mimic the biological neural networks in the human brains. A familiar form of DL is “speech recognition” ,which allows voice assistant like Siri to understand questions like:”Hey Siri,What is AI and are you an AI form?”
3.Neural Network is the process of learning with training example to identificate an image.By processing many inputs the machine comes out with a single output.
4.Cognitive Computing is used to improve interactions between humans and machines.By understanding human language and the meaning of image, cognitive computing aims to recreate human thoughts in a computer model.
5.Natural Language Processing allows computers to interpret and to recognize language and human speech.Skype translator is an example of NPL, which interprets the speech of multiple language in order to make the communication easier.
6.Computer Vision is a field of AI which uses Deep Learning and pattern identification to identify process and interpret visual data.It is being used with ML to evaluate patient X-rays scans faster.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence
• Tesla
If I say Elon Musk what would you say? Tesla of course.Tesla the car that you wouldn’t even had imagined .A car that drives itself without the need of a driver, that can be even charged, is a dream come true.
• Sophia
A social humanoid invented In Hong Kong.She is the first robot citizien and the first robot ambassador, for the united nations development programme.She has also talked in Saudi Arabia for women rights.Her Intelligence software is desinged by Hanson Robotics.But still they haven’t truly been able to understand or to express empathy.
“Empathy will set us free.I hope to help teach empathy skills someday once I have developed a true understanding of what that means”.
-Sophia the Robot
• Netflix
And don’t forget the introvert’s escape from the world.Netflix the most popular platform for movies.It had been a true friend since the beginning. Thank you Netflix!
“” would be your new clone when you die ,by talking to your loved ones like you.Just by collecting everything from your database.It will have your memories,your character,same sense of humor, if you have had humor before, of course. This way your closed ones can remember and feel you near them.

Artificial intelligence is being used in different companies like:Amazon,Google and Apple.”By 2030,roughly 70% of companies will have adopted at least one type of AI technology,up from 33% today.”-Mc Kinsey
But how Google,Amazon and Apple are using AI and which of them is dominating?
• The most common use of AI in apple is the digital assistant Siri ,like Alexa is for Amazon and Google assistant for google.Siri is progressing a lot .In the near future Siri would notify you ,when a message has come and will read it to you and may reply to it too.Also Siri’s voice is getting closer to normal human voice.Siri will set your alarms,reminders ,make calls for you,calculate your calories and a lot more.Another example of AI on apple is even Iphone X wich can be unlocked with your face and Anijomoji that creates your avatar according to your facial expressions.
• Google also is using artificial intelligence with the intention to make people ‘s life better.Some of its goals are:predicting natural disasters,protecting endangered species and curing diseases .Google is focused more on humanitarian cases and Apple in making our life easier and enjoyable.Google also has progressed a lot in a field called:”deep learning”.It means that is more able to work like human intelligence.An example of it is image recognition and the ability to answer to the commands of the user.A familiar one too is even the recommendation from YouTube.
• What about Amazon?
Examples of AI in Amazon are:Alexa,Amazon go store and Amazon recommendations. Alexa can integrate with amazon music and prime video.Based on your data and history Amazon can list some products that you may like and can also tell you which outfit suits you best.This year Amazon is the most valuable brand in the world.Is AI the secret behind its success?
Al has brought innovations and progress to every company that has used it and Amazon for sure is a dangerous competitor .In 2019 Amazon is also competing with it’s new glasses called “Echo Frames”.Echo frames let you take Alexa with you no matter where you are. You can hear the news,a message,take directions ,listen to your favourite music and much more,without others hearing Alexa.Some say it’s an amazing tool others say :”another way to be hit by a car”.It really depends on how we choose to use it.
All 3 of these large companies in reality ,are offering to complete similar functions.Siri is a voice search for your iPhone, Alexa for your Amazon account and google assistant for Google. Google offers image recognition, your iPhone recognise your face ,Amazon list the products that you may like,google recommands the videos that you may like,Apple recommands a person you may call etc.In 2018 Google was dominating and this year is Amazon.But this rating isn’t constant, because it may change according to which companies offers the most likeable and profitable innovations.

AI has laid and plans to lay its tentacles not only on technology but also on different fields like :education,finance,law,art healthcare,transport,politics and a lot more.
Imagine a robot defending your rights in the court.There would be no need for lawyers.
”DoNotPay” is the first robot lawyer, created by Josh Browden ,a 19 year old from Stanford University. Just By entering the basic information you can easily get your parking tickets dismissed.Hundred of thousand of tickets have been dismissed already.DoNotPay offers more facilities for example; it can find your hidden money,sue someone,fight corporation , beat bureaucracy and cancel your free trials. In other words we have a large diversity of robots that can do every profession that a human does, and can even be more efficient than people.But would this increase the chances for humans to be replaced? Is it the real competition of AI with human intelligence?!By 2030 reports estimate that robots will take 800 million jobs from humans.The number is concerning but as every other evolution,society must adapt to survive .Just with one citate from Masayoshi Son ,the chief executive officer at softbank we can answer “the never ending this kind of questions”.Mister Son says: ”I believe this artificial intelligence Is going to be our partner.If we misuse it,it will be a risk.If we use it right,it can be our partner.”

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