Never meant to be…

Some things were never meant to be

But why they keep playing with my reality?!

Why they make me believe about something I can’t achieve?!

Why they make me feel like I am out of this world

No feelings left,help me Lord….


Feeling empty

Feeling low

Feeling sad

Feeling toxic

Feeling useless

Feeling heartless

Feeling lost

Feeling strange

But ….

Fighting hard

Laughing more

Praying daily

Until everything stops!!!

“Her own chaos”

She freed herself from the opinion of others

And now nothing for her bothers

She’s flying deep inside her mind

She looks arrogant but she’s kind….

But for her this is just a phase

Until she goes out of rage

About being locked in a cage

She’s unstable

You can’t lable

You can describe her today

Tomorrow you will see her in a different way….