Sick from this…..⚠️☯️♻️

Sometimes with the worst feelings you can write the best lines and with the good feelings you seem to be without any lines ….Why???


we want the joy to be felt and

the sadness in the lines to be melt

Maybe because we want to share

for those struggling out there

Maybe because we want to express

In “artistic escape” all this stress

Maybe because pain gives us guts

To write like persecuated nuts

Maybe ….because

joy makes us a little bit weak

and the

urge to write vanish a little bit quick

Maybe, being all alone in this “grey inner world Zone” is God’s way to say:

Only on me you should hold on

Don’t ask for others mental and spiritual company

because I can light every part of your mental and spiritual galaxy…”🥀

Author: Sarah💎

I don't write to be read I write to be felt I Don't write golden art But I write from my heart :)

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